28 February 2008

Quito to Banos to Guayaquil.

(This post is a work in progress)

Wake-up time came early the next day. After a quick breakfast, we lugged our bags downstairs to the spacious Swiss Hotel lobby filled to over-flowing with Young Living distributors and their paraphernalia. I met up with a young woman named Kirsten that I connected with on the cruise last year and we wheeled our suitcases out to the bus. We deposited our baggage by the storage compartment where several swarthy men were loading suitcases. Ours were next in line, so we boarded the bus (without watching to make sure the suitcases were properly stowed). Big mistake.

Kirsten and I found a couple of seats, placed our things in the overhead compartment and settled in for the meandering drive to Guayaquil. According to the schedule, this was to take about eight hours through the verdant and volcanic Andean countryside.

In the Blue Eucalyptus

Musicians at the Samari
in Banos

Musicians and dancers at Banos

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